GCC Muir Time Trial

  • 19 May 2018
  • 7:30 AM
  • Paradise Parking Lot
  • 1


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Lead: Roy Famuliner

WFA: Steve Castle 

Andrew Runnion

Lindsay Koon 

Please notice the time change.  Please be at Paradise at 7:00 am to be walking by  7:30.  

Camp Muir Time Trial

Students will be expected to complete their time trail leaving from Paradise to Camp Muir in 5 hours.  This is a strenuous, all day hike.  There is no weight requirement but students must be prepared  for ALL conditions.  Ten essentials is a must.  Snowshoes to be determined day prior to event. Please own or borrow a pair should the hike require them.  

 Goal: To reach 10,000 feet at Camp Muir in five hours or less. 

You must pass this time trial in order to proceed in the GCC. These trials are designed to expose you to the rigors of a climb and make sure that you are developing the fitness level to climb safely. Camp Muir time trials: 

• SIGN UP on the calendar. If you are not able to attend, communicate with the leader as soon as possible. Please be respectful of everyone’s time and your classmates need to complete this task. 

• PLAN more than enough time to reach the Paradise parking lot on Mount Rainier. Minimum three hours from Seattle. 

• BE prepared when you get to the parking lot so we may all start on time.  You will need to have a national park permit. Remind other carpool mates in the event they have one already or if all will need to pitch in to purchase a day pass • CARPOOL for safety. It is a long drive and you will be tired after a full day on the mountain. Keep each other vigilant.  We usually stop for a meal (and coffee) together on the way home. This is a long day so please advise family members that you may not be able to contact them by phone until 9pm and sometimes home much later. 

• DOUBLE-CHECK your glacier climbing equipment list and re-read recommended pages from Freedom of the Hills. You will learn something new every time and begin incorporating the wisdom into your mountaineering habits and behaviors. o Headaches at altitude are frequently found to be caused by dehydration rather than altitude sickness. Bring adequate hydration for a five-hour climb to Camp Muir and three hours back down.

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